Ethics and deontology

Knowing how to receive is a commitment to guarantee the quality of our services while preserving the ethical and environmental values that we defend.

Thus, all of our services and products are chosen both for their guarantee of quality and to enhance and preserve the know-how of the producers and artisans with whom we work.

Engaged with them in a reasoned and reasonable approach, the hotel Le Gentleman puts into practice a certain ethical vision of the hotel industry, which combines knowing how to live and knowing how to be.

our partners

The tradition of excellence

Whatever their area of expertise, our service providers and suppliers have been selected as much for their virtuous professionalism as for the quality of their products and services.

Layout and bedding

  • Treca : High-end French brand and manufacture, TRECA provides us with all of our bedding, welcoming and so comfortable.
  • Linvosges : Founded in 1923, Linvosges is the French benchmark for bed and bath linen.
  • Paulo Coelho : In 25 years, the European lighting company has won first places in the professional world of lighting and lighting ambiance.
  • Menuiserie Poirier : Former “Compagnon du devoir”, talented and modest man, the carpenter Yannis Poirier notably created the wooden library at the hotel reception.
  • Le Prince Jardinier : Since 1995, the French brand has been producing exceptional garden furniture from real chairs in the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris.
  • Farrow & Ball à Flamant, en passant par Lutèce, Nina Campbell et Sanderson ; we use the best suppliers for our wallpapers and paints.

Table Arts

  • Royal Limoges : Founded in 1797, the company cultivates the art of French porcelain. She supplies us, along with Guy Degrenne, with all of our crockery.
  • Eurostyle : One of the last true goldsmiths in France, a lover of his profession, provides us with all of our cutlery.

Taste choice

  • Le Palais des Thés : The real flavors of our teas, selected by enthusiasts, with responsible values.
  • La ferme de la métairie : Established in Le Mans for 30 years, “la ferme de la Métairie” also supplier of the Palais de Versailles, provides us with our jams and sorbets.
  • The Gentleman’s honey : As they wish, the bees in our hive produce the honey that you will taste. Depending on the quantity available, we also buy our supplies from a local beekeeper.
  • Bakery: Fresh and homemade, all our breads and pastries are supplied every day by the best bakeries in La Flèche.

our environmental actions

A long-term commitment

Preserving the environment and energy resources is a major issue in our contemporary society. By investing in specific facilities, “Le Gentleman” wants to be exemplary in its policy of reducing the carbon impact, while guaranteeing the best quality of service.


  • We use flow reducers on the shower heads.
  • We have ensured the thermal insulation of networks and ducts.
  • We use the washing machine fully, and favor short cycles.
  • We wash the toilets with very little water, using microfibers.


  • We use low consumption light bulbs.
  • We use presence detectors in places frequented intermittently: common areas and parking.
  • We ensure regular maintenance of our devices, to avoid overconsumption due to clogging.
  • We have ruled out air conditioning, because the ecological cost is disproportionate, for a use of a few days a year.


  • We have installed double glazing in all bedrooms.
  • We insulated most of the walls and ceilings.
    Our centralized heating has an intuitive system: each radiator stops as soon as the target temperature is reached.
    In the bedrooms you can increase the heating by a few degrees.
  • We optimize our occupancy, so as not to overheat.

Ecological and responsible approach

  • We have found some of our furniture. For the rest, we have favored French and even European manufacturers.
  • We favor local products: (honey, organic jams, organic apple juice, dairy products, beer).
  • We respect the natural rhythms: each season its products.
  • We choose foodstuffs packaged without unnecessary packaging: no sachet sugar, mini jams, etc.
    Our cleaning products are ecological and / or non-aggressive. We dose them to a minimum.
    All our linen is 100% cotton, and made in France.
  • We systematically sort glass, plastics, cardboard, paper.
  • As soon as possible, we use scrap paper, double-sided, and give priority to email correspondence.